decades of experience

Our software is not only a set of features, but comes along with our decades of experience in the field, always maintaining the highest standard and the state of the art of the Safety community.

Risk Analysis

To assess risk is not an easy task, and it is even more difficult to transform the analysis in actual real benefits for the company. We bring in the newest and more efficient risk analysis methodologies in order to reach the desired objectives.

Gap Analysis

Thanks to our deep knowledge of regulatory framework and complex systems' state of the art, we can help in assessing the status of your organisation, your procedures and bringing them to the highest possible standards.

The Quality Management System runs together to every other activity of a modern company

Starting from the Audits planning to detailed checklist, and passing through the corrective actions and follow up management, we offer the complete package for a perfect QMS for your organisation.


The Safety Management System framework (SMS) is the heart of an organisation, together with the Quality management. We give support in creating an integrated SMS within your operations and procedures, not as a mere regulatory compliance but as a true business saver and improver.


Meaning that you as a customer have no overhead in managing any technical installation or any kind of issues.


The workflow embedded in the application is the result of years of deep analysis of the field operations needs.

customer care

There will always be a direct line between the user and our customer service.