Mobile-first Web App! Add it to your smartphone/tablet home screen and use it full screen as a native application.


A central “Risk Register” serves as the heart of the analysis and monitoring activities.


Thanks to the modern technologies, some features are available offline without the need of internet connection.

All your company information in one place

Add all your company information either manually or with a direct integration with the existing organisation data warehouse. 
All the information can be automatically imported in the reports and in every useful section of the system, this way accelerating data entry and avoiding errors. 
Company data include Personnel, Aircrafts, Flights, Airports, and more! Flight planning and crew rostering can be managed through the built-in feature or imported from the system already in use.

Easy and complete events management

An Occurrence is the main archive at the center of the safety workflow and the basis for scheduled investigations. 
All reports and recorded activities related to the same series of events are cataloged in an occurrence; here users can initiate and fulfill their activities all from a single management point. 
Dedicated analysis tools allows to set meaningful indicators on the occurrence and its events, which will be used later in the overall risk and quality assessments.

Everywhere, fast 
and for everyone

Almost zero latency time for loading features and a reactive interface.
A responsive and intuitive design allows users to immediately understand how the application works, how to interact with it, and complete the activities easily and with limited, if not zero, training!

Reports for all the needs

Users can submit digital reports easily and securely; adequate safeguards are provided to protect the source(s) of the data and/or the identity of the reporter. 
The ADREP aviation taxonomy is included and can be used in the report forms and everywhere else. 
Moreover, custom taxonomies can be added in no time. Beyond classic reports, sometime complex and long to fill out and complete, a dedicated feature offer a guided support for a quick and easy report creation.

Flight Data Monitoring integration

In the SDM application the Fight Data Monitoring (FDM) and the Safety Management System (SMS) are integrated seamlessy as a unique workflow. The software provides the tools to manage both of them together in a unique fashion and as separate features. We exploit their synergies in order to increase, refine and validate the data and information related to incidents or operations’ deviations. 
Alternatively to using the built-in FDM functions, it is possible to link third party FDM softwares (for example, AirFASE, Insight FDM).

Hazard and activities under control

A set of standard hazards is included, whereas additional company hazards can be added after a guided process of hazard identification.